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Control Panel EVOLVE 9

EVOLVE 9 is the most advanced and compact solution for the control & monitoring of a stand by generating set, connected to the Mains Electricity Supply: 9kVA (40 amps ATS@230Vac). It cover the necessities of a small to large house. In other words this generator control panels satisfies the necessities of one or two families.
The rating of this generator control panel is 9kva 230Vac connected in a single phase arrangement. It is the ideal choice for houses and villas where you wish to be in full control of your electricity services. The plastic enclosure guarantees an IP65 grade of protection when the transparent door is closed to the ambient environment. The version 9KVA  is fully configurable for SMS monitoring (by your mobile phone). A version suited for 6KVA home generator is also available.

The EVOLVE 9 generator control panel features a rich set of programmable parameters for total protection of the engine and generator. The internal electronic battery charger is overload protected and all electronic circuits are unaffected by over-voltages.The automatic changeover switch (contactor) is rated at 40 Amps and features both electrical and mechanical interlocks. The display indications can be configured for the most popular European languages.  This provides for a complete list of electrical parameter measurements including an Energy meter for the Mains and Generator.

The EVOLVE 9 contains a real time clock and a set of configurations that allow you to enable or disable the automatic function; this includes enabling the periodic test of the engine at a particular timeslot in the day. You can use any style of Engine, included gas-fuelled types. Despite the complexity of the panel, it is one of the most user friendly AMF panels on the market today. Ask the user manual and a qualified electrician can install the panel in a few hours. I do not recommend to practice D.I.Y. with electric panels and generators. Once the panel is in place you can connect a portable generator also. ​

home generator safety to your family & business


When there’s a utility power outage EVOLVE 9 turns on your home generator within seconds.
EVOLVE 9 is an advanced & compact Automatic Transfer Switch. This is the ideal choice for an Home Generator connected to the Mains Electricity in a standby configuration. It features  programmable parameters for total protection of the engine and generator.

You can use any style of Engine, including Gas or Gasoline engine & Portable Generators. Despite the complexity of the panel, it is one of the most user friendly Automatic Transfer Switches  on the market today. It is the ideal choice for houses and villas where you wish to be in full control of your electricity services. Evolve allows to make the most advanced and friendly Home Generator System for your house.

- It protects your load from over-voltages
- You can program a designated period in the day to run the AUTO mode 
- You can program a timeslot in the day to run a TEST of the engine
- The display indicates Vac, Aac, Hz, Vdc, kVA, kW, kVAr and Power Factor
- It provides an Energy count for both the Mains and Generator
- The Electronic battery charger is fully protected from overload
- It indicates Oil Pressure, Temperature and Fuel Level of the engine
- Control and monitoring is provided via SMS or the INTERNET


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 How much does it cost to install a backup generator?

The installation of a backup generator can provide the total energy you need to supply the house during a loss of power, or it can be dimensioned to supply only necessary systems until Mains is restored. The Evolve panel is available in 3 sizes: 4kVA – 6kVA  – 9 kVA. 3-4kVA Generator. Use this generator if you need to run the basic household systems or the submersible pumps only. You can use Gasoline Generator with manual start. Average price: 1000€-1500 €; 200€ up to 400€  in installation costs 4-6kVA Generator. You will be able to supply the house more effectively than a 3-4kVA system, but still will not deliver the power needed for the entire home. For this size we recommend ‘electric start’ Diesel engine. Gas & Gasoline are recommended only if you program in a proper way the scheduler.  Average price: 2000€-3000 €; 200€ up to 400€  in installation costs
6-10KVA Generators. You will be able to supply the whole house. For this size we recommend Diesel  generator.  Average price: 3000€-5000 €; 200€ up to 400€  in installation costs.
How to connect a portable generator to a house
We do not recommend that you connect the generator directly to your house electric system. It could be dangerous and you can destroy your household appliances.
You can connect a portable generator, able to deliver at least 3KW (equivalent of 4KVA), to EVOLVE panel (4KVA Version). Evolve 9 will manage the Circuit Breakers in a safe way protecting your appliances in case of troubles of the generator.

This is the general guide

1) Ask to an electrician to connect a cable with a male plug. Set up the EVOLVE according to the generator size.
2) The generator must be provided with a proper female plug according to the safety standards.
3) The body of the generator must be grounded via a proper connection.
4) Set the EVOLVE in Manual Mode of operation.
5) In case of Mains Failure or in case you want to use the generator, connect the generator cable to the portable generator.
6) Start the generator. Use the Manual control of the circuit breakers on the EVOLVE front panel.
7) Open the MAINS circuit breaker, and to close the GENERATOR circuit breaker.
8) Once the MAINS restores, close the MAINS circuit breaker. Let the engine running for a few minutes to cool down. Stop the generator and disconnect the plug.

[A] WITHOUT GENERATOR. You supply your house [3]  via the Electric Utility Company circuit breaker [1] .  A distribution board [2] will allow you to connect your households via a suited number of circuit breakers.



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[B] WITH  A GENERATOR. You supply your house [3]  via the EVOLVE panel [4]. In normal condition the  Electric Utility Company  provides the electricity you need via the circuit breaker [1] .  In case of power outage, the EVOLVE panel [4] will  instruct the home generator [5] to run. Once the electrical parameters will be within  the programmed settings, your house will be supplied by the generator. When Mains will restore, the EVOLVE will take care to supply your house via the Electric Utility Company. After an adjustable delay, the EVOLVE will stop the engine of your home generator.

[1] [9] [5]: FIXING HOLES     [2]: CIRCUIT BREAKERS     [3]: FUSES     [4]: RS232   



[1] Horn Silence

[2] Graphic Display

[3] Navigation Buttons

[4] Mains Circuit Breaker Control

[5] Mains/Generator Circuits OFF

[6] Generator Circuit Breaker

[7] Manual Mode Button

[8]  Alarm Memory

[9]  Mains Panel Indicator

[10] Generator Panel Indicator

[11] AUTO/TEST mode button