When you have a serious project that needs to be done, look no further than Bernini Design, Europe's leader in industrial genset controller. We fall in love with our vision, that is why we get more and more will power.


Bernini Design was founded in 1984 by our current CEO's  father, Bernini Giuseppe. In the last three-quarters of a century a lot has changed – technology, governments, world economies, the materials we use in our daily lives. But, one things remains unchanged – our dedication to doing the best work in the world. We keep an old fashioned attitude about work, and that's that it needs to be done when we promised. More and more, that means relying on brilliant engineers. We do not believe in luck; only hard work and dedication.

Our standards are high. So high in fact, we're in a league of our own, moving our entire industry forward. Bernini Design has become synonymous with the highest quality genset controller.


No one ever complained about having their work executed perfectly.



No one ever complained that we had too much integrity.

When you're dealing with generators, your genset controller can be the difference between moving forward and spinning your wheels. At Bernini Design, we're continually finding the best new technology.

No one ever complained it was too easy.


Basic Genset Controller & Auto Start Module

NOVEMBER  03 2014

Home Generator Backup. When there’s a utility power outage EVOLVE 9 turns on your home generator within seconds providing comfort and safety  to your family or business.

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Do your business  with a 

STANDBY GENERATOR using Be124 Genset  Controller on your genset controller Generator Control Panel.

Have the  best BACK UP GENERATOR

be124 takes care of your generator

discover how 


Genset Controller Centurion 

Genset Controller with Automatic Mains Failure Modules  + CANbus + Modbus

Genset Controller with Automatic Mains Failure Modules + Modbus (RS485)

Genset Controllers with Basic Automatic Mains Failure Modules  

Genset Controllers  Accessories: TCP-IP,  Modbus & GSM

Automatic Battery Chargers for Standby Generator Control Panels

the bE124 GENSET CONTROLLEr includes:

> CANbus sae j1939 decoder
> modbus rtu protocol
> 3-phase power/energy analyzer
> hundreds of adjustable parameters
>key start & auto start
> 3-phase digital oscilloscope
> high precision measurements
> earth fault monitoring
> ground support equipment 400hZ


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 There are leaders, and then there's everyone else. At Bernini Design, we take immense pride in driving the genset controller standards forward, focusing on efficiency, quality, and safety.

No one ever complained about our generator control panels.

Genset Controller Generator Control Panel

A genset controller integrates, all in one electronic module, an Engine Control & Protection unit, a Charging Alternator Monitoring Module  and programmable protective relay for the protection & monitoring of the Alternator.  A genset controller monitors the main parameters of the Engine  and the main parameters of the  Alternator. It compares the settings in the memory with the measurements made by the measurement circuits. The result of this comparison will then generate alarms, warnings or why not,  logic action. A genset controller features a range of programmable settings and are engineered to comply with  international standards like NFPA110 or  CSA . A good  genset controller is capable of interfacing with analogue sensors or switches for the OIL/°C/FUEL/Auxiliary Temperature monitoring .  A Bernini Design Genset Controller operates reliably in a range of environments, from minus 30 up to 70 degree Celsius. Ancillary functions  include selected extra complex features like Genset Parallel and Synchronisation, CANbus interface and others.




If you are looking for the most advanced genset controller we recommend that you use Be124. Ideal for industrial, heavy application, or aircraft support ground equipment 400HZ. It provides a powerful Data Logger, Oscilloscope, CANbus decoder, multifunctional programmable Ins/Outs. It is one of the most flexible protective relay for generators.

A Bernini Design  Genset Controller is the ideal choice when you are required to refurbish a diesel generator. By adding 3 automotive grade relays you can make a cost effective Auto Start Generator.

Visit the genset controller tutorial page and find out more about it.

If a genset controller does not satisfy the requirement of your automatic generator, you can use our combined AMF ATS genset controller solution. We integrate a genset controller with the state of art AMF ATS controller. Wide choice of product that feature CANbus & Modbus

In cse you have to make cost effective AMF panels we recommend that you use  Be142. It combines an advanced  genset controller with a powerful AMF ATS controller. It features an RS485 serial interface allowing remote control and monitoring. Software is offered Free Of Charge.

Visit the Generator Control Monitoring Tutorial Page.

Be21 Be22 Bm80 made the history of the AMF controller. First time introduced in the marker in 80's, still in production, still available. More than 50,000 controller Be21 are running world wide. We still continue tu support our valuable customers world wide.

When using a Bernini Design Genset Controller you may need accessories. We supply the most common accessories that make you easy to build any kind of simnple or complex generator control panel. If you are not able to find here what you are looking  for conatct us at anytime. Fill the form at the enf of this page.